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In today's world we are all very conscious of how we look. I have a number of regular clients that use spray tanning to cover-up unsightly imperfections such a varicose veins, stretch marks, blotchy sun damaged skin and scars. A spray tan is also an excellent way to even out sunburnt skin and tan lines so you can still obtain perfect photos for your wedding/event even if things didn't start out as planned!

"I am in hotel management here in Cancun and I have to wear a dress to work. I have always been very self conscious of my varicose veins on my legs. With the climate here it is impossible to wear tights or stockings. I just recently discovered spray tanning and has given me so much more confidence. You can't even see my varicose veins with a spray tan! I absolutely love it and as a bonus it's always a pleasure to chat with Donna!"


Christina Rosas

varicose veins and spray tanning
Corrective spray tanning
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