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Host a different kind of party!

Thinking of throwing a party for your friends but you‘re tired of lingerie, make-up, candle and/or kitchenware parties? Looking for something fun and different? Then it‘s time for an Airbrush Tanning Party! Just invite some friends and relax while we give each of you an amazing tan – applied by our Airbrush Tanning Specialist. It‘s great fun and at the end of the evening everyone looks like they just returned from holidays!

How does it work? 

Hosting a Airbrush Tanning Party couldn't be easier! We'll come to your home and set up a portable tanning tent that easily sets up anywhere and leaves no mess. All we need is an electric outlet and some light. All you need to do is invite some friends. Have some drinks, finger food and nice music to set the mood for a fun filled and enjoyable evening! While you and your friends catch up in one room, the Airbrush Tanning Session will be carried out in another room so you don't have to "bare all“ in front of your friends.

What to wear?

  • We recommend wearing a dark bathing suit or dark underwear DURING your tanning session.

  • It’s best to wear dark, loose fitting clothes AFTER your session.


Tanning Party Prices: 

The Tanning Party host/hostess gets 50% off her tanning session if there are up to four guests. With a party of five or more guests the host/hostess tans absolutely FREE*!


  • Ask for prices


* The FREE tan offer for the host/hostess is subject to the number of guests who are sprayed during the party. If guests fail to come and the numbers drop below five the host/ hostess will have to pay 50% for his/her tanning session.

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