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Tahitian Tan is the most sought after spray tanning solution in the world. Contains 9% DHA and provides an ideal tan for all skin types. The mahogany color guide offers immediate, beach-beautiful color! Fast drying, non-sticky, cucumber-melon scent, paraben-free.

Recommended for: All skin types, this is the most popular South Seas solution. 9% DHA, cucumber-melon scent.

Cruelty free. Never tested on animals.


Fiji Express Two Hour Tan has 13% DHA and the same fabulous color as our other solutions, but with the convenience of showering in 2-3 hours. Alcohol-free and ideal for all skin types. 98% natural, citrus scent, paraben-free.

*Note: It is imperative that you are aware that it still takes a minimum of 8 hours for development, i.e. if you shower in 2 hours, full color won’t develop until 6 hours later. Leave on 2 hours for a natural glow, or 3 hours for a darker color. We recommend wait 4 hours before showering.

All South Sea Tanning Solutions  are p-H-Balanced and do not requires barrier cream.

Recommended for: All skin types, discerning clients, and the convenience to shower in 2-3 hours. 13% DHA, 98% natural, citrus scent.

Cruelty free. Never tested on animals.


Victory Competition Spray Tan formula was created for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars for Spray Tan Sundays. It is designed to create the ideal set color for the professional dancers and celebrities. It can also be used for the demanding fitness models and bodybuilders. The judges across the globe say it’s the perfect stage color!

Recommended for: All skin types, fitness and/or bodybuilding competitions.

Never tested on animals


Victory will create an ideal sheen that will compliment your stage color. Can be worn directly over your spray tan without removing the bronzer. Each bottle yield 16 full body application. Citrus scent, parebens free, Size. 4 oz.

Recomended for: Fitness and/or bodybuilder competitors to give a stage ready sheen on the body.

Direction: Apply 1/4 oz to the body 15 minutes prior to the event.

Never tested on animals.


You will be hooked immediately with this amazing tan mist! The non-stiky formula contains 9% DHA, dries quickly without streaking and gives you a beautiful, natural looking glow. Coconut scent, parabens free.


Ideal product when youwant to keep up the color on your face. Also ideal for spray tan touch-ups. Same formula as the tahitian Tan solution. 9% DHA level.


With a 2% DHA level, you can extend your tan or self-tanner up to two weeks. This lotion is an absolute MUST to keep your color looking it's best during any vacation! Non-tinted, mango scent, parabens free. 

Recommended for: clients that are going on vacation do they can extend their tan; this product is a "must have". Can also be used to accelerate or build a tan. 2% DHA level. Mango scent.


• Extend: Apply daily or every other day as your natural or artificial tan begins to fade.

• Build: Apply daily until desired results are achieved.

• Accelerate: Apply 20 minutes prior to UV exposure to optimize your tan. This product does not contain sun protection properties.


Cruelty-free. Never tested on animals.

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